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Fishing village of Boscastle

Well known Boscastle is a great favourite with photographers. Surprisingly the main part of the town is up on the hill. A walk down the hill will take you to the waterside cafes and pubs, continuing onto the pier, the distinguishing feature of Boscastle. The best views over the sea and craggy rocks are from the end of the pier. Boscastle  harbour entrance is little more than a cleft in the slate cliffs.  The tiny pier dates from the early 16th century and the entrance is so tortuous that rowing boats (called hobblers) had to be used to haul boats into the harbour.  The heather covered sides of the valley snake inland to the pretty cottages.  At the bottom of the hill is  the huge car park.  Also a few old Inns and cafes with plenty of oputside seating-dog friendly-welcome pets.   Proceed along the valley walkway until you reach  the pier and harbour mouth.  On your way drop into the Witchcraft Museum (worth a visit). Explore the gift and curiosity shops ,Boscsatle Pottery and craft workshops.  Enjoy the stunning sea and coastal views and walk with your dog to the end of the pier.
Most people remember the Boscastle flood of 2004, a huge  avalanche of water descended on the village, amazingly from the usually tiny stream, an event that has  attracted even more visitors and the village is now completely restored.  During the flood 84 wrecked cars were swept into the harbour and 32 out to sea.  To illustrate the impact of the flood Over 100 people were rescued from their homes by 7 helicopters. Water reached to the top of staircases.
arcade witchcraft museum witchcraft museum
Boscastle shops and arcade down by the harbour Boscastle Witchcraft Museum Boscastle Witchcraft Museum
car park the harbour the harbour
The huge harbour car park, always parking spaces Boscastle  harbour Boscastle harbour
the pier walk to pier
The pier Lane leading down to the pier