Famous as the home of  'KIng Arthur's Castle', a spectacular   rugged cliff setting overlooking the sea and the sea and small sandy beach.  It is this stunning  setting which attracts visitors to  Tintagel. There are  two main car parks in Tintagel , close to each other, with plenty of parking space (Sept 2006 £1 per day to park) and a third car park just before you arrive at the shops-but proceed on to the next two. Tintagel isnt much  more than one street with populated with shops and eating places, the King Arthur legend seeming to provide the inspiration for the cafes and shops names  (King Arthurs Arms, Merlins Cafe, Celtic legend shop, Merlins Crystal, etc). Continue to the end of the street  where you will see 'King Arthur's Book Shop'. This is adjacent to where you begin the 15  minutes  walk through the valley down to the beach and 'King Arthur's Castle'. You can use the  Landrover  option (£1.20 one way, 60p per dog-2006). Half way down there is a secondary  lane which will lead you towards the old church which is usually open to visitors. Usually there is an ice crealm van half way down. When you reach the beach stop at the cafe for a break where there is outside seating overlooking beach and sea. Have a look around  Visitors Centre (toilets are next door). At low tide the small sandy beach is worthwhile  and a small  cave in the rock face (visible in photos) which I think links to beach the other side that visitors often explore. You can now proceed up the cliff path, via a tiny linking bridge (just visible in photo), to the ruins of the castle on the cliff top. These ruins date back to roman times.  Now return n the same way you came or continue along the coastal footpath. As a final farewell to the village drop into    the  'Old Post Office', this being a  medieaval building and a tiny museum(costs a small nominal fee to enter).
lane down to castle
Bookshop at top of walk 'King Arthurs Bookshop' Strolling down the lane Seats along the way!
Down by the beach The walk up to the castle Cafe by beach
visitors centre sea views
Beachside Visitors Centre Enjoying the view The old castle ruins
a shop cornishman inn the Old post Office
Tintagel street The Cornishman Inn The  'Old Post Office' Tintagel main street


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